Label manufacture and sale

Firmamız tarafından imalat ve satışı yapılan tüm etiket çeşitleri ve etiketlerin teknik detayları

Barcode Systems

Sembol Barkod tarafından satışı yapılan ve teknik destek verilen tüm barkod yazıcı, barkod okuyucu, el terminalleri ve diğer barkod ürünleri


Ribon ithalatı, renkli & renksiz ribon çeşitleri, ribbon ürünlerinin tüm teknik detayları Ribon nedir ve dayanıklı ribon ürünleri


Etiket ve barkod konusunda işletmenizin ihtiyaçlarını karşılayacak endüstriyel yazılım ürünleri satış ve desteği

What’s Label?

Labels are used for making the system of work such as stocktaking in production, manufacturing, sales and marketing. They contain important warnings and information about the products. Label use is very diverse. They can be used to optionally substituted or special needs. In general, they are used for informational purposes.

The most widely used labels depending on the usage;

  • Product labels
  • Washing instructions labels
  • SILVERMAT labels
  • Price labels
  • Product logo and brand labels
  • Warning labels
  • Barcode labels

Company Profile

Our company makes printed or non-printed self-adhesive label production; offers to customers a wide range of products for use in the field of use with barcode printers. Our company, that approach which are economic, fast and with good quality is aimed to spread to Turkey and the world and is moving this way.

Our company, follow innovation and development of barcode printers and consumables (labels, ribbon, washing instructions). We always serve our high quality products to global market in the sector.

With letter-press system in the label technology, we can make all kinds of colored and colorless self-adhesive label printing (Vellum, glossy Paper, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Thermal Transfer Carton, Thermal Paper, Thermal Carton, Slwmat and Whitemat etc.) in our company.

You can find all kinds of printers and ribbons ( Wax Ribbon, Wax / Resin Ribbon, Resin Ribbon ) for any kind of label material from our company.

  • Vision

    Providing customer satisfiction, our aim contribute to the sector and services institutions we provide by following the latest technological innovations in the industry with expert staff.

  • Mission

    To provide customer satisfaction and continue with being a reliable partner for customers beyond being a supplier and delivering quality products on time in increasing competitive conditions.

  • Quality Policy

    High-quality manufacturing, to comply with national and international quality standards, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction, provide a our employees a safe environment, to follow technological developments carefully and closely, to be subjected to regular training to ensure a better understanding about all of our employees quality management