Scientists have long posited that nature’s solution to this problem, which is known as the “obstetric dilemma,” was to shorten the duration of gestation so that babies are born before their heads get too big.

Using metabolic data on pregnant women, the researchers show that women give birth just as they are about to cross into a metabolic danger zone.”There is a limit to the number of calories our bodies can burn each day,” says Pontzer. “During pregnancy, women approach that energetic ceiling and give birth right before they reach it. Related Discussions:Birth of EarthWhat if: Less than 0.000001% of the world’s population could give birth?A THEORY BEHIND UFO’S!!!!!!! please read.Paying people not to reproduceSleep PsychosisMultiplicity of infants taking birth at a timefrequency of laugh tracks in sitcomsDeja VuMy Ridicules IdeaIce age extinctions – Is this nonsense? I suggest you read the article. Read more